Self-consumption Solutions énergétique autonomes by BASE

You wish to produce your electricity and directly consume it in order to reduce your energy bill?

We design self-consumption facilities for individuals and professionals.

panneaux solaires sur toiture autoconsommation
Autoconsommation solaire habitat
Panneaux solaires sur toit plat

How does it work?


Standby or running appliances directly consume electricity generated from the facility’s roof.


With the help of micro-inverters or inverters, photovoltaic panels are direclty connected to your electrical switchboard.


Your electrical appliances naturally consume photovoltaic electricity when it’s produced.


If your consommation is higher than your production, then it will be supplied by the power grid.

An ecological and economical choice

économie énergétique

To produce a less expansive electricty that the one bought on the network

facture énergétique

To self-consume a maximum of your electricity in order to reduce your energy bill

indépendance énergétique

Gain energy independence, be less dependant on the fluctuation energy prices

qualité et robuste

Use a renewable and long-term installation (lifetime > 30 years)


Clean and ecological produced

Where can I order?

Online shop:

On quotes, with the help of our advisors at

+33 5 35 54 49 59
or by email:

toiture avec panneaux solaires

Discover a large range of equipments dedicated to self-consumption: micro-inverters, fixing kits, solar panels…


Sarah R

In 2016, we benefited from Sellande expertise. An advisor took time to understand our needs and designed a perfect self-consumption kit.
It was set up by a Sellande partner installer and we began to produce shorlty after it.
Today, we save every year 1 700 kWh on our energy bill (around 250€/year) and we would like to increase the installation surface area.
What a pleasure to benefit from a renewable electricity, directly produced from our roof!

Sarah Renoud-Lyat

Private individual

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