Design Office

BASE’s Design Office is a team of engineers and technicians specialized in solar energy. They study every clients’ projects to dimension and elaborate custom-made solutions.

Not only do they have a technical expertise, they developed a strong business expertise in the following area:


Barn drying


Offgrid and autonomous solutions


Biomass drying and energy recovery


Energy efficiency in buildings

équipe du bureau d'études BASE
Bureau d'Etudes solaire BASE

Every project is passing through their hands. It requires a technical engineering adapted to our clients’ territory and climatic data constraints.

We provide the essential decision making tools to the project owners. We not only check the projects’ technical feasibility but also economic to ensure performance and rentaibility to our clients.

Our Design Office is supporting you throuhgout your project

Projets BASE et suivi bureau d'Etudes

Benefit from our expertise to achieve your goals

Picto terre écolo

Reduce your carbon footprint


Speed up your energy transition

picto énergie fossile

Reduce your dependance on fossil fuels

économie énergétique

Better control your energy cost

They gave us studies and trust us

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