Thermovoltaic technology Cogen'Air®

With our patent Cogen’Air® panel, we have reviewed the traditonal photovoltaic panel. Not only it produces hot air and electricity, but it has a thermal efficiency much higher than its electrical efficiency.

A solar panel producing hot air

Panneau hybride Cogen'Air recto verso







sides exploited

This hybrid panel produces more heat than electricity!

What differences between a photovoltaic panel and the hybrid solar panel Cogen'Air®?

When a photovoltaic panel collects rays of sunshine, it only converts 20% into electricity.

Standard panel efficiency

Standard photovoltaic panel

Thermovoltaic panel with 250Wc + 9,8% of electricity, 744W of heat and an efficiency more than 60%

Hybrid solar panel Cogen'Air®

How does it work?

A clever mix of technology

panneau solaire

Solar panel

échangeurs thermiques

Heat exchangers

Caisson étanche

Watertight enclosure or cap

On the front side, the panel produces electricity.

On the rear side, thanks to a heat exchanger developed by BASE, heat is transferred to an air flow below the panels. With the help of turbulators, it allows us to get hot air by lingering it on the back of the photovoltaic panels.

At the slightest ray of sunshine, Cogen’Air® rises up in temperature!

Fonctionnement panneau photovoltaïque thermique Cogen'Air

Thanks to Cogen’Air®’s innovative heat recovery system, the released heat is extracted for the purpose of heating and drying. The air flowing on the back of the panels avoids the cells’ overheating and improves its electrical efficiency.

Cogen'Air® panel's certifications

Cogen'Air® functions









Panneaux solaires sur un bâtiment

Heat is freely generated for your facility.

Cogen'Air®'s applications

Heat is exploited for :


Collective housing


Barn hay dryers


Wood energy dryers


Waste dryers / granulation – carbonisation units

A 100% French panel

Cogen’Air® was created in our building in Gironde, France. Concerned about the quality and the chosen materials’ carbon footprint, we exclusively work with french suppliers.

Fabrication panneaux Cogen'Air

Our distinctions

Ademe Agence de l'Environnement et de la Maîtrise de l'Energie

National laureate (2014 and 2015)

prix national du jeune entrepreneur - un événement La Tribune

Great South-West laureate(2013)

certification ETV

2nd French certified company (2015)

pexe - les éco-entreprises de France

National laureate (2015)

Lauréat My Positive Impact à l'initiative de la Fondation Nicolas Hulot

National laureate (2015)

6ème trophée bougeons-nous

Great South-West laureate(2015)

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