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une grange avec des panneaux solaires pour séchage de fourrage

Barn drying

Barn dryer allows to dry hay out of the sun's UV and of the rain in order to keep its nutritive property.

Séchoir bois-énergie

Woodfuel drying

Wood solar heating allows to reduce its humidity in order to increase its calorific value.

Séchage de déchets

Waste drying

It allows to remove water from the material to improve its value and to decrease its processing and transport costs.

Vente de matériel dédié au séchage en grange : armoires de régulation - ventilateurs - testeurs d'humidité

Do you have a project on another drying matter?

We can perform drying tests on matters to identify how fast it can dry and obtain its hygrometry rate.

Panneaux solaires sur un bâtiment

Energy efficiency in buildings

We improve the power plants' energetic performance for equipped buildings or wishes to install.


We offer solutions that produce part of your electricity thanks to our self-consumption solutions.

Tiny house


We offer custom made solutions in order to support offgrid sites to the public power grid.

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