Industrial waste drying

The actual reduction landfilling policy and the objective to cut in half the tonnage of waste buried by 2025 imposes to find waste management solutions for industrials.

Our solutions can dry various waste

drêches de brasseries

Spent grains

Résidus de pulpeurs

Pulper residues

déchets ménagers

Sorting domestic waste refuse

sciures et connexes de scieries

Sawdust and sawmills related

And many others…

Waste drying benefits for industrials

séchoir de déchets
Bûchettes densifiées bois
matière séchée

Considerably reduce transport costs


To transform a final waste aimed to a landfill into a waste-to-energy process.


To value those waste:
– Households refuse transformation into a solid recovered fuel
– Dried grains commercialization for animal feed
– Coproducts value from the forest industry into densified sticks, granules


To control the activities environmental impact

A renewable and free heat for drying

BASE designs dryers incorporating the Thermovoltaic technology for drying from a renewable energy.

Heat from the Thermovoltaic panels
Heat input form +5°C to +15°C against the oustide air. Significant air evaporative capacity for an efficient and quick drying.

Resale of electricity
The power produced from the plant is resold. A Cogen’Air® panel produces 10% more of electricity than a conventional photovolatic panel.

Séchage Thermovoltaïque et valorisation biomasse bois
Intérieur d'un séchoir solaire

A smart control system
Adjusts fans operations according to air temperature and hygrometry.

Bulk or skip dryers
Depending on matters and logistics constraints, it’s possible to dry in skips or bulks.

How it works

Air is sucked up under the building’s roofing, then under the Cogen’Air® panels where it warms up until reaching drying optimal characteristics. This warm air is sucked up by fans and then is injected in skips or under a perforated floor where matters are stored.

Design phase

We support you throughout the phases of your project, from the design to the Thermovoltaic plant commissioning. You not only benefits from a technical support but also on administrative and follow up phases.

Technical &
economical pre-feasibility

Administrative & financial files

Preliminary outline &

Detailed draft proposal &
execution phase

Coordination &


Your project funding

Your project funding can be handled by a loan in which we’re guiding you during the procedures alongsides banks or banking institutions dealing with french or european funds dedicated to energy transition funding.

Your project can also be presented to obtain investment subsidy.
photo avec un cadre d'un homme travaillant sur des graphiques


M. Maquigny

We use the BASE solar biomass drying facility to dry our stumps for firewood, grill wood and mulch. The stumps are first crushed, screened and dried before being sold. Thanks to this dryer, we are able to dry resin-rich pine stumps, which were previously difficult to use, and to extract a 100% natural product.

M. Merchier - Smirtom

Founder and director

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