Agricultural drying equipment

You wish to renovate or optimise your dryer? To renew your fans? Discover our wide range  of equipments dedicated to hay drying. If you have any question, contact us so we can recommend you what is best suited for your needs.


A wide choice for your ventilation needs

We market a wide range of axial or centrifugal fans for drying hay in bulk or in bales. This wide range of fans allows you to find the right flow-pressure combination for your drying needs. The choice of fan is crucial to the performance of your dryer. All our fans are installed on silentbloc to absorb vibrations during operation, thus ensuring a longer service life.

Centrifugal and axial fans

Below you will find our best-sellers for ventilation. We offer a wide range of axial or centrifugal fans for various needs (materials to be dried, desired flow/pressure/power combinations etc.).

Our catalogue covers the following operating ranges

Depending on your needs and constraints, we will advise you on the most appropriate fan to ensure optimal drying performance.

Débit à pleine charge (nominal)5.000 à 90.000 m3/h
Pression nominale500 à 4500 Pa
Puissance en kW1,5 à 90kW
1,5kW - 2,2kW - 3kW - 4kW - 5,5kW - 7,5kW - 9,5kW - 11kW - 15kW - 18,5kW - 22kW - 30kW - 37kW - 45kW - 55kW - 75kW - 90kW
Puissance en CV2 à 120CV
2CV - 3CV - 4CV - 5CV - 7CV - 10CV - 12CV - 15CV - 20CV - 25CV - 30CV - 40CV - 50CV - 60CV - 75CV - 100CV - 120CV
Surface de cellule de séchage vrac15m² à 250m²
Hauteur de fourrage vrac 2m à 10m
Nombre de bottes par ventilateur12 à 130 bottes
ventilateur LG 180

ventilateur RD 180

ventilateur LG 170

ventilateur RD 170

ventilateur LG 0

ventilateur RD 0

ventilateur LG 90

ventilateur RD 90

Control system

Improve the drying performance of your dryer considerably with our intelligent Quali Foin control systems.
Our cabinets can be adapted to any type of dryer and can be parameterised by the user once installed.


Optimal operation of the fans
The fans are only switched on when the air humidity and temperature under the roof is ideal for drying. Sensors measure this data in real time.


Improved drying performance
Thanks to the regulation, drying is carried out with air whose evaporative capacity is maximised. This makes drying more efficient, even in adverse weather conditions.


Securing the drying process
The control system is equipped with numerous safeguards and an anti-fermentation function to prevent the hay from overheating and the development of mycotoxins.


Reduced power consumption
The fans only run when the conditions are right. Their speed is adapted to the characteristics of the air and the drying cycle.

Armoire de régulation séchage en grange

Quali Foin regulation

Armoire de régulation pour séchoirs équipés de 2 ventilateurs maximum. Possède des écrans d'affichage des données d'hygrométrie et de température de l'air sous toiture.

régulation séchoir fourrage

Quali Foin + regulation

Cabinet suitable for all dryers. Has a touch screen display, which can also be consulted via an application. Possibility of adding data to be monitored: fan consumption, sunshine, etc.

perforated floors

Perforated floors, also known as “bridge plates”, are structures that can be driven on and whose upper surface guarantees perfect air diffusion and excellent material retention, thus ensuring good drying consistency. These extremely robust sheets allow the circulation of heavy machinery for loading and unloading. The flat drying box is the ideal tool for multi-material drying.

plancher perforé - matériel de séchage en grange pour séchage multi-matières
stockage et séchage de fourrage
stockage et séchage de multi-matières
séchage et stockage de bois bûche et copeaux de bois

Areas of application

Bridge plates are often used for drying solid materials. The most common applications are :


Fodder drying and storage


Drying and storage of multi-materials


Drying and storage of wood chips


Drying and storage of logs


Drying and storage of cereals and seeds


Drying and storage of medicinal and aromatic plants

Motorised registers

The drying cells are equipped with motorised dampers that allow the control cabinet to select the cells to be ventilated. These dampers are equipped with servo motors and can be operated in manual mode or in alternating automatic mode.

registres motorisés

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