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BASE develops innovative solar solutions for professionals for a sustainable future.
Our know-how in the fields of drying, energy independence and energy efficiency enables us to support our customers in their energy transition.


Design and renovation

Our expertise in drying allows us to design drying projects from scratch or to intervene at different levels of the process.


Legumes, grasses, mixtures, meshes


Cereals, seeds


Chips, logs, sawdust and related materials….


Refuse sorting, green waste….

Drying design office

Engineering servicesEngineering services

Entrust us with your project!

Are you a farmer, a methanizer manufacturer or a cereal producer and are you faced with a drying problem?

We have a solution for you!

Skills of the Design Office


Feasibility studies and sizing of
sheat sources for the drying process

Feasibility studies and sizing
of air flows in the building

Feasibility studies and sizing
of energy production and consumption

Feasibility studies and sizing
of different drying equipment

Solar systems


We design stand-alone solar systems to power various equipment that cannot be connected to the electricity grid.

Solar pumping

For your water pumping needs for watering or irrigation purposes, we offer stand-alone solar pumping kits suitable for isolated sites without access to the electricity grid.

Solutions for professionals

Are you looking for a way to power a piece of equipment or a machine other than with its electrical plug?
Do you want to resell our products in your shop?

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