Autonomous energy solutions

Is your dryer aging or not performing as expected? You wish to increase your drying capacity?  Do you want to reduce your dryer’s operating costs? Our research unit assists you in your dryer optimization renovation project.

Diagnostic hangar foin

diagnosis of your dryer

préconisation et optimisation d'un séchoir en grange

optimization recommendations

bureau d'études séchage agricole

Accompaniment for the implementation of the recommendations

diagnosis of your dryer

An expert from our research unit will come and carry out a complete audit of your dryer:


Checking the cells in relation to the tonnages to be dried.


Verification of fans, aeraulics, air velocities and airflows…


Control of the tightness of the dryer.


Analysis of the roof and heat input.


A complete report with all the recommendations for improvement will be submitted at the end of this audit.

Audit séchoir fourrage
Performances séchage foin
armoire de régulation séchoir

Optimization recommendations

After comparing the energy requirements for drying with the current performance of your dryer, our research unit will draw up a list of optimizations to be carried out.

An investment budget will also be given to you in the report.

Accompaniment for the implementation of the recommendations

If you wish to implement the recommendations made by our research unit, our engineers will accompany you up to the commissioning of the equipment. BASE offers you a range of services to simplify your procedures.

dossier creation phase - Optional

Administrative authorization Enedis connection

Business Consultation

Analysis of quotations
Choice of companies
Insurance file

Execution and planning

Detailed design
Validation of plans
Site meeting

Site coordination - Optional

Planning of company interventions
Interface between you and performers
Two site meetings

Commissioning of the dryer

Assistance with the installation of BASE equipment
Customer training
An engineer available during the first drying season

Sale of equipment

Need a simple replacement of obsolete equipment?
Discover our range of fans, floors, regulation cupboards…
A sales representative assists you in the choice of equipment for a perfect match with your needs and your existing dryer.



This year I have returned a first quality shot very rich in clover, often difficult to dry. I was pleasantly surprised by the efficiency of the dryer. I think I doubled my drying speed, which allowed me to finish my harvest much faster. The fan is much more efficient and the warm air passes through the entire volume of hay. I’m sure I can dry the last layers of hay even when the dryer is full.
I no longer have to worry about drying my fall cut.
The resale of the electricity allows me to amortize my investment and then secure additional income.
I am very happy with my investment.

Bertrand Damon

Farmer in the Puy-de-Dôme (63)

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