BASE is a French SME working with local authorities.
BASE is a consulting firm specialised in energy generation and energy transition .
The Cogen’Air system is an efficient and environmentally friendly energy solution for the heating of buildings and for drying in the agricultural, wood and waste industries.

BASE also has a recognized know-how in offgrid applications. BASE has developed a wide range of stand-alone solar solutions for offgrid applications, with several thousand installations since 2009.

Solutions for buildings

Testimonial of Patrick Sabin

Mayor of Escource, Vice-President of the Community of Municipalities of the Haute Lande (40), President of the mixed economy company “TEPOS de la Haute Lande”. A TEPOS is a local territory with positive energy.

“Our TEPOS, the community of municipalities in the Haute-Lande, wants to contribute to the energy transition. Base’s Cogen’Air panels are part of this approach: generating heat and electricity for several buildings from a renewable source. We are significantly reducing our energy bills and our ecological impact on our territory.”
  • Renewable energy to reduce the use of fossil fuels
  • Covers up to 60% of buildings energetic consumption
  • Energy Independence of Buildings

     School Building in Escource
      Heating, night cooling and electricity production

Office Building in Pessac
Heating and electricity

Valorisation of biomass and waste

  • Reduce the use of fossil fuels
  • Valorise materials (sludge, waste, wood, agriculture)
  • Circular economy
  • Energy independence of the territory
  • Improved carbon footprint

A real demonstrator!

Wood biomass dryer located in the south of Bordeaux, in the middle of the Landes forest. This demonstrator and operating site aims at producing high-quality dry woodchips for small and medium-sized collective heating systems.