Benefits of artificial (heat-based) drying

    Cogen’Air provides a wood fuel with constant characteristics/properties/attributes, tailored to the boiler’s requirements.
    Artificial, heat-based drying grants greater value added to the wood, thereby increasing profitability.
    It allows for reduced storage requirements and logistics costs.

Revolutionnize your drying techniques with Cogen’Air®

    Dry wood with Cogen’Air and obtain a better Lower Heating Value (LHV) for the wood. Reduce wood consumption, increase boiler lifetime, while generating profit from excess PV generated electricity resale.
    Reach a specific moisture level (15% to 40%) through controlled drying.
    Thermovoltaic energy produced on-site replaces fossil energy for a clean carbon footprint and a sustainable drying process.

Cogen’Air dried materials

Wood Chips

Wood logs

Tree barks


Principle of operations

Air turbines draw external air from vents located in the roof and blow it under the Cogen’Air array. The flow collects waste heat from the solar cells’ operation and increases electrical yield by 10%. Air temperatures reach 70°C even under weak sunlight.

The air is then blown into the drying bays. A smart regulation system then adapts air temperature to drying requirements. The regulation system can also manage the turbines to suit air hygrometry.

  • Quick and high quality drying
  • Tailored to specific moisture level of material
  • Early return on investment
  • Flexible process and logistics

BASE dryer in South West of France : drying operations & service

This demonstration drier of 600m² is equipped with 360 Cogen’Air solar panels and dries up to 5.000 tons of wood chips per year.

BASE Biomasse is  exploiting this building to produce and distribute high quality natural fuel.

Our customers use this facility as a test environment for their considered use, but also as an actual, functioning dryer.