We carry out energy studies for our customers who want to reduce their operating costs, reduce their environmental impact and increase their energy independence. These studies are a decision-making aid in order to efficiently and durably reduce their consumption and their carbon footprint by improving the electrical and / or thermal efficiency of their buildings.

These studies target:

  • Professionals in: industry, agriculture, agri-food industry, collective housing, offices, commercial premises …
  • Local authorities, town halls and public buildings

Based on our experience and expertise in energy efficiency, renewable energies and solar thermovoltaic technology, we assist project developers through operational recommendations and diagnostic / inventory services, detailed studies, technological advice, Architectures and sizing. We are also able to assist our clients in the financing of projects and grant applications.

Different studies are provided according to the maturity of the projects:

  • Preliminary / feasibility studies
  • Preliminary design projects: advanced design studies, budgets and cost-benefit analyses
  • Final draft projects: modeling and building plans for turnkey solutions.
  • Where necessary supervision of installations by sub contractors and follow up services