Customer testimonial: Cogen’Air for heating carwash water

Wapy is a carwash located in the South of France. This washing facility is equipped with 4 high pressure bays and 2 automatic bays. Pierre-Yves Chaleyssin, the facility manager is engaged in energetic transition. He has decided to change the cleaning products used and transform the station to reduce its ecological footprint. Pierre-Yves Chaleyssin and BASE partner in 2015 with the installation of 4 Cogen’Air Thermovoltaic solar panels that produce heat and electricity to produce hot water.

A gas boiler heats the water while generating important greenhouse gas emissions. The installation of 4 Cogen’Air solar panels covers part of the electrical and thermal needs for carwash.

Pierre-Yves Chaleyssin, manager of the WAPY carwash « I wanted to invest in a solar system that produces hot water. I chose Cogen’Air to go further with the transformation of my carwash. We currently use environment-friendly washing products and we are reducing our ecological impact.”

View of the Carwash with Cogen’Air panels

4 Cogen’Air solar panels

BASE set up a solar solution on the WAPY carwash. This solution consists in blowing hot air from the Cogen’Air solar panels into a heatpump that produces hot water. The hot air increased the coefficient of performance of the heatpump. The electricity produced by the Cogen’Air panels is used for the heatpump consumption. The hot water is stored in a watertank and then used for carwashing.

 « After 2 years of using Cogen’Air for hot water production, i have noticed that the Cogen’Air system covers 38% of the thermal needs. It represents savings of 20240 kWh of gas per anuum. The facility also saves 6 tons of CO2 every year. The return on investiment for such a facility is around 6 years. » explains Pierre Yves Chaleyssin.

This project responds to economic and ecological issues :

  • Energy autonomy (Cogen’Air produces free heat and electricity
  • Economic profitability (reduction of the energetic bill of the carwash)
  • Greenhouse gas reduction, ecological footprint reduction