• BASE secures a million euros in private funding from two firms, JOHES, managed by Jean-François Vaury and 1M86, whose president, Luc Milbergue becomes Joint-Chief Executive alongside Mr. Ackermann.
  • BASE sets up its own solar dryer with 360 Cogen’Air solar panels. This investment of one million euros, with a subsidy of 400 K€ (from the Aquitaine region) is mainly dedicated to the drying of wood chips. The subsidiary BASE Biomasse is created to operate the site.
  • The company employs 17 people.


  • BASE strengthens its industrial activity and moves into new offices in Canejan, increasing production capacity to 500 Cogen’Air modules per month. BASE becomes the Eco-company of the year at the Pexe forum (French Ministry of Economy).
  • BASE wins several prizes



  • BASE employs more than 10 people. Its production capacity reaches 200 Cogen’Air per month.
  • The company builds on its expertise by recruiting senior executives.
  • New heat-based drying applications are implemented in the agricultural and wood industry fields.



  • Base launches Cogen’Air, the first installations are set up in Aquitaine (south-west of France) on several houses, with satisfactory results.
  • BASE participates in the debates on self-consumption and is involved in the TEPOS (territories with positive energy) programme.
  • BASE is the winner of the National Prize for Young Entrepreneurs awarded by La Tribune (French economic Newspaper).


  • The hybrid solar technology is named Cogen’Air.
  • BASE partners with Solarezo, a local photovoltaic manufacturer.
  • BASE receives support grants from the Aquitaine Council and BPI France for smal businesses.



  • Official launch of the website www.sellande.com which offers a wide range of solar and wind-powered equipment.
  • BASE engages in a new fundraising campaign to further the industrialization and launch of the PV/T system.
  • BASE takes part in the creation of the Sysolia cluster (www.sysolia.com), whose objective is the structuring of the solar market in the Aquitaine region.



  • The first thermal photovoltaic collector prototype is born.
  • BASE carries out a fundraiser to underpin the development of the PV / T system.


  • BASE is created by Sébastien Ackermann, engineer interested in renewable energies.
  • The goal is to come up with an innovative PVT (Photovoltaic / Thermal) collector.
  • BASE offers its expertise in solar engineering and photovoltaic project management.
  • BASE develops its commercial activity by offering a wide range of solar and wind-powered equipment and specializes in stand-alone applications (through the Sellande brand).