Agriculture solutions

Today, the agricultural key issues are going towards the energy transition in order to have more resilient exploitations, adapting to the climate change and producing quality food.

Solar solutions for hay drying

From thinking to achieving

pompe immergée Sellande

Solar pumping solutions

Custom-made kits


Water storage

Pompe pour abreuvement

Livestock watering

Autonomous solar systems equipments
not connected to the grid

Custom-made kits

Kit pour équipement non raccordé au réseau

100% solar equipments, without power-grid cuts, whatever the weather conditions.

véhicule d'assistance autonome à la récolte

Asparagus harvesting assistance vehicule

clotures électriques

Electrical fences

robot tondeur autonome

Autonomous mower robot

cabanon en site isolé

Shed's equipment's
power supply

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